Chris’s crew in Carova

Some of our best shoots come from the 4×4 territory, nice folks looking for a different vacation than down on the pavement, usually open for some fun or creative shots and we’re happy to play. The wind and the light were just right for Chris’s session so we shot until the last light faded.

We usually start with those started the whole thing.
Up in the dunes, we had awesome scenery, unfortunately, Currituck County now says this is a no-no.
The whole gang got together for a few.
Chris and her husband are always smiling
Before we got chased off the dunes we got a few sweet ones.
Kim and her boys
All the grandkids got a fun one going before the toss.
We left the dunes and headed to the waters edge
Chris Dery 11870
As the sun waned we found goodies.
For just a minute the shadows fill the footprints
Timing is everything when the waves are playing
Soft light and gentle waves helped Gage.
Bringing them together for a late shot with soft light
The men in the Dery family caught late light well.
As the sun faded, the moon took it’s place

Christina and Morrell, a Nags Head Wedding

Christina and Morrell, an afternoon delight. Small weddings leave us time to play, be creative or just responsive to our couples, concentrating on them and their interaction instead of the trappings and crowds. Their wedding was a perfect example.


Perfect for the beach, her bouquet was light, with just a bit of color.
She made these guys part of the wedding with these
Family and friends have been waiting for this
i Do OBX weddings did the decorations beutifully
His face erupted in bliss
Tony Joseph of I Do Obx Weddings does a beautiful wedding
When he saw her, all the worries blew away
Her face speaks volume.
He and she wore the same look
Every time she looks at Morrel, she looks like this.
Tony Joseph presents the bands that bind
They exchange smiles while they exchange rings
a lot
Right after the ceremony
soft light helped her shine
Calm waves gave them this beauty.
Even while he carries her above the water, he was all lips
As we left the beach, the light on Christina was terrific, looked better on her than him 😉
Just for fun, he wanted to do the same shot she had.
Christina looks great in two views.
Christina and Morrell with her brother Mike and sister-in-law
From barefoot to tennies, ready to roll.
Nags Head’s Lone Cedar has sweet spots to hang out for the couple.
Basnight’s lone Cedar was kind enough to lend their pier for a few shots
Christina had wanted to do a dip, and without any training or practice Morrell nailed it.
cupcake wedding
Over the tower of cupcakes, a small round just for the cutting
Seasoned with butter cream, one last one before I faded away.

Just a few sweet ones from the start of the season.

We have had an excellent batch of folks for Outer Banks beach portraits so far, good kids, nice weather (a few exceptions, of course), and really great locations to work with. These guys are just the tip of the iceberg, we have done over 100 awesome families so far – will yours be next?

Early morning works well for little ones, and these two proved that point. It’s been around ten years since we last shot the family, obviously things have changed since then, but they promise not to wait so long for the next time.
Kim and John show up in records from about 18 years ago with us, and several times since. Great to see them and how the kids have grown.
Early in the morning we found a place to shade from the bright light and let her smile light the shot.
With her I just stand back, encourage a bit, and she comes up with stuff like this all on her own.
With her two best men.
Kim’s boys hit Whalehead by the bridge for great opportunities with the sparkles on the water.
Under the bridge
Just walking and talking
For a card.
Amy and her husband were seriously proud of katie, and she had the kind of certainty you feel in her relationships that made her wonderful to work with.
Sometimes you ask someone to hug and they just get lost in each other, so you just grin and shoot.

Brianna in Corolla

Brianna and her friends met me for an afternoon session starting at the beach and ending at the Whalehead Club for the last bit of sunset over the sound. Jordan and Shannon not only helped, but got into a few portraits on their own. Currituck sound is an under appreciated spot for senior or family portraits, one we love to play on when we get the chance. Like a lot of our seniors, she plays sports and brought her volleyball stuff along and we always have time with a senior package to do a couple outfit changes and locations. She got the most from all of the above for sure!

Brianna, Jordan and Shannon found the perfect setting
Whalehead club, wildlife center,
The wooden bridge makes wonderful pictures for individuals or groups.
We actually used a friends back as a reflector to give her this look.
As we were losing light we saw the boarder screaming by and got positioned to get this shot, hope she loves it!
Subtle clothes let you see her beauty
Brianna is planning on playing in college as well, the reflections double your fun.
At the right time with the right wind, the results are sweet.
The boat basin is a fine contrast to the beach
She gets by with a little help from her friends
Senior portrait, Whalehead Club, Outer Banks
The gaslights at the Whalehead Club in the twilight made a nice contrast with the device.