Chris’s crew in Carova

Some of our best shoots come from the 4×4 territory, nice folks looking for a different vacation than down on the pavement, usually open for some fun or creative shots and we’re happy to play. The wind and the light were just right for Chris’s session so we shot until the last light faded.

We usually start with those started the whole thing.
Up in the dunes, we had awesome scenery, unfortunately, Currituck County now says this is a no-no.
The whole gang got together for a few.
Chris and her husband are always smiling
Before we got chased off the dunes we got a few sweet ones.
Kim and her boys
All the grandkids got a fun one going before the toss.
We left the dunes and headed to the waters edge
Chris Dery 11870
As the sun waned we found goodies.
For just a minute the shadows fill the footprints
Timing is everything when the waves are playing
Soft light and gentle waves helped Gage.
Bringing them together for a late shot with soft light
The men in the Dery family caught late light well.
As the sun faded, the moon took it’s place