Just a few sweet ones from the start of the season.

We have had an excellent batch of folks for Outer Banks beach portraits so far, good kids, nice weather (a few exceptions, of course), and really great locations to work with. These guys are just the tip of the iceberg, we have done over 100 awesome families so far – will yours be next?

Early morning works well for little ones, and these two proved that point. It’s been around ten years since we last shot the family, obviously things have changed since then, but they promise not to wait so long for the next time.
Kim and John show up in records from about 18 years ago with us, and several times since. Great to see them and how the kids have grown.
Early in the morning we found a place to shade from the bright light and let her smile light the shot.
With her I just stand back, encourage a bit, and she comes up with stuff like this all on her own.
With her two best men.
Kim’s boys hit Whalehead by the bridge for great opportunities with the sparkles on the water.
Under the bridge
Just walking and talking
For a card.
Amy and her husband were seriously proud of katie, and she had the kind of certainty you feel in her relationships that made her wonderful to work with.
Sometimes you ask someone to hug and they just get lost in each other, so you just grin and shoot.