What editing does for your portraits!

After a session on the beach we know the job of making your portraits look great has just begun. The fun part, getting to meet your family, playing with the kids, directing traffic,  and helping you look your best out there is behind us and now the second part of our job is starting. We have hours ahead of cropping, correcting color, brightness, and contrast, punching up that reflection, taming highlights, opening shadows on anywhere from 50 or 60 images to sometimes 100 or more if the kids were having a good time and showing themselves off, all before we format the images and post them to your gallery for you to view and enjoy. This is all a part of what you should expect from a professional portrait photographer. We are thankful for the time and investment you made in trusting us for your portraits, and we always hope to repay that by putting our time, effort and skills into editing your family portraits so you look your best. Not every studio does that, some will be happy to grab your images from the camera, burn you a disc and send you on your way. Others will edit and go even further to retouch every image they shoot and of course have to build this into the price you pay for your session. In this entry we will show you the difference between edited and unedited images from some recent sessions. If you like what you see in the “after” portraits, be sure and call us for your next sitting and see what we can do for you!

Local color correction applied,

Naturally beautiful, bringing out her warm skin and hair color along with the water gilds the lily.

After the sun sets, the color cools and desaturates, editing recovers skin tones.

Editing enhanced his color as well as highlighting the rim light that late afternoon sun brings
open shade is very cool and low in contrast and saturation.
On a dreary day, after the little bit of sun has gone, use of fill flash and then editing gave them a warm healthy glow

Some qualities of early, somewhat cloudy light are great, the softness, the open eyes it allows, but not the color so much. Compare this with the unedited version to see how we help the skin tones as well as the sky and background

That late afternoon backlighting is nice, but off color, so in this one the little lady is helped by color and contrast correction.

The light angle gave us soft light to wrap her in, but still a bit cool and blue, so tweaking the color temperature and saturation levels brought her to life