Little weddings filled with big love

Little weddings, small weddings, intimate ceremonies, no matter what you call them, they are some of our favorites.Surrounded by just a few close friends and family, everybody is part of the event. No one is there by accident, they are all called there by love for the couple they honor with their presence. For these weddings we can concentrate on the emotions, the details, the connections that make each one so unique.

Detail from beach wedding
Fran’s sand ceremony got everyone involved by scooping a small momento from the beach where they married.
Beautiful young flowergirl
Russell and Gioconda used family for their attendants
shorts make the suit for this wedding
Fun mix of traditional and unconventional formal wear for their beach wedding
a driftwood altar on the Outer banks
Aqua and white make for beautiful wedding colors
Oceanfront wedding with driftwood altar
At a small cottage court near Jeanettes pier, John and Frani take the nest step in their journey
uniting the family on a Kitty hawk beach
Since the couple and their family was bilingual they did the ceremony in two languages.
Nags Head wedding closeup
That driftwood made a great frame as John gets ready to say the big words with Jay Bowman
Friends for ever
She wasn’t letting go of her life grip on his hands
Wedding sign
Russell and Gioconda’s son first held the rings, then this sign during his parents ceremony
 firm grip on her love
She’s never letting go!
baby at the wedding
even the baby gets involved in their sand ceremony
Beach wedding happiness
Jamie and Josh were all smiles as the skies smiled on them after the ceremony
happy mature bride
After all those years of waiting, they are official, and on their way to a new life here on the Outer banks
bridesmaids on the beach
This wedding was hopping right after their beach wedding ceremony
Hilton gardens pierhouse
Kitty hawk pier gives shade and cool breezes after a sunny wedding
John and Frani used their kids as attendants for their beach wedding
beach portrait at wedding
Small weddings give us the chance to do some portraits, this one of John and Franis’ family
happy bride
When her sisters gave their toasts, Gioco was thrilled
under the pier
Hiding under the pier, a few private moments for the bride and groom on Kitty Hawk beach
one happy couple
Away from the family they find a moment of peace.
Kitty hawk Pier
Up on the pier is a great place to do some posed shots at your beach wedding

Mornings can be magic!

Some families, especially those with infants and toddlers, know that their best times don’t always occur at sunset. Others just want to have an early session so they can go about the day without worrying about getting back to the house, cleaning up, napping the little ones, or clock watching while they wait for an evening session, so they opt for an early morning session. Here are a few sweet ones from early in the season, early in the day. Is your family ready to play in the sunrise?

Family beach pictures at sunrise
Lauren, Stephen and the new guy in the warm glow of sunrise
girl splashing at the beach
Late in a shoot, we can relax and let the kids fly, and it can make some very sweet shots
Family on the beach
Lauren and her two favorite men sharing a moment in the early morning
Boys n the Outer banks beach.
Nobody has the same bond as brothers, and it starts early
Women at the beach
Backlighting in the morning gives that special look to the water
running on the beach
We like to do some of the guys alone, and later the girls when we can. The action helps everybody get into the process
bright morning pictures at the beach.
The little man gets a lift as the waves tickle his feet on the North Carolina beach
Ladies on the beach in soft light
We like to get any combination in the family while we can, and I’m glad we didn’t miss this one
couple at the beach
We did her seniors a few years ago, now she brings a new love into her life
Little girl beach picture
Getting away from the sun for a minute, Becca’s face lit up by itself.
Toddler at the beach
While we pause for a break, this guy gave me the “uh,huh” look.
Nags Head beach family portrait
Some mornings give a warm glow that looks great on newborns
Corolla lighthouse with girls
At the Whalehead Club in Corolla, the trees are a major attraction to those who want something different.
Toddler portrait at the beach
Happy boys come from happy families
Strolling the Corolla beach in the early morning
Sometimes days without strong sun make for easy smiles for the kids.
Rainbow and family beach portrait
Lucky enough to be here, we got the extra bonus of a rainbow right after a shower at sunrise
Senior girl at the beach
Next year we get to do Cass’s senior portraits, this year it was part of the family beach pictures