Everybody has a challenge!

All of our customers (and all of us) have challenges. Some physical, some developmental or emotional, all deserving our best efforts to get them involved and enjoying the process of making portraits here at the beach. Some days the weather is a challenge for all of us as well. Years of getting to know what tools to bring to bear, how to relate to our clients, and where we can take them to make it easier for them to get a great background while staying on firm ground, or away from the water, or out of the gale effect how and where we construct a session. Many of our customers become friends and repeat every, or every other year and it gets better each time as the kids know what to expect and look forward to seeing us again. Sometimes we spend an hour or more looking for locations close to a customer where a wheelchair can make a straight transition to the beach, or where a beloved family member can sit comfortably with a beautiful scene behind them as we build a family portrait. Some of our customers will choose to drive for up to an hour to meet us at a special location where they can make their pictures. Frequently we will start a session at the house, using a grand staircase or other feature that allows even the most restricted folks to join in and then proceed to the beach with those that wish to finish their session and end up with fun water shots, silhouettes, or action shots before we run out of light and call it done. Shooters tries to never book another session right after yours, we want to get the kids used to us, comfortable with having us around and relaxed enough to let us capture the natural smile when their hearts show through. If you have special needs in your family, from wheelchair access to attention difficulties or spectrum disorders, let us know and we’ll try to find a way to give you the family portraits you always wanted, to hang on your walls and show with pride for decades. And if all else fails, we have Photoshop, lol.



Mobility is an issue for quite a few of our customers, Sherry needed a place with an ocean view but could not navigate loose sand, In addition, big winds had us pushed for a space with some shelter and we hunted for awhile before meeting them to have a fun session that fit her needs perfectly. They left us a sweet review, and we hope to see them again in a year or two!.
We always try to get the grands with the grandkids, and our clients always treasure these shots.
These ladies wanted to get a few shots together before hitting the sand.
Unable to navigate the soft sand, we found a great place to shoot their portraits.
Before we go to the beach where not everyone can go, we are happy to do some at the rental house.
Her court in attendance, this family owned the beach this day.
On a cool day at the beach, we found the right spot for a family without getting sandy or damp.
In addition to being smart and funny at every turn, this group had developmental and physical challenges so we found a place with no stairs and easy walk out to do the big group.
The queen of the scene was seated and we placed her family all round her chair.
Mom needed a seat so the crew brought one to the beach and we built a family around them.
Every year we shoot these guys and find different light and get to catch up while we make the latest round of family beach photos for them.
High up the dunes on the deck these guys found just what they wanted for their beachy portraits.
Off the beach and out of the wind.
A little family with big hearts.
Sometimes the challenge is to find a new and beautiful spot for returning clients like these friends who visit the beach together and always call us for the event.
Brother and best friend in one, these two were an absolute pleasure to shoot.
This guy was the center of everybody’s attention as we moved quickly before the rains came.
Another every year gang, we have established a link with the kids and get right into the fun stuff before the attention limits show up.
While the chair may not be best for the beach we found other spots to make beautiful family portraits.
John is one of the most expressive little guys we see every year, always a pleasure to work with this family.
Sometimes the family wants beach backgrounds without getting on the beach and we can usually find them a nice spot to start a session.
This whole family was amazing, happy people filled with even more joy when we got to playing in the water.