Mornings can be magic!

Some families, especially those with infants and toddlers, know that their best times don’t always occur at sunset. Others just want to have an early session so they can go about the day without worrying about getting back to the house, cleaning up, napping the little ones, or clock watching while they wait for an evening session, so they opt for an early morning session. Here are a few sweet ones from early in the season, early in the day. Is your family ready to play in the sunrise?

Family beach pictures at sunrise
Lauren, Stephen and the new guy in the warm glow of sunrise
girl splashing at the beach
Late in a shoot, we can relax and let the kids fly, and it can make some very sweet shots
Family on the beach
Lauren and her two favorite men sharing a moment in the early morning
Boys n the Outer banks beach.
Nobody has the same bond as brothers, and it starts early
Women at the beach
Backlighting in the morning gives that special look to the water
running on the beach
We like to do some of the guys alone, and later the girls when we can. The action helps everybody get into the process
bright morning pictures at the beach.
The little man gets a lift as the waves tickle his feet on the North Carolina beach
Ladies on the beach in soft light
We like to get any combination in the family while we can, and I’m glad we didn’t miss this one
couple at the beach
We did her seniors a few years ago, now she brings a new love into her life
Little girl beach picture
Getting away from the sun for a minute, Becca’s face lit up by itself.
Toddler at the beach
While we pause for a break, this guy gave me the “uh,huh” look.
Nags Head beach family portrait
Some mornings give a warm glow that looks great on newborns
Corolla lighthouse with girls
At the Whalehead Club in Corolla, the trees are a major attraction to those who want something different.
Toddler portrait at the beach
Happy boys come from happy families
Strolling the Corolla beach in the early morning
Sometimes days without strong sun make for easy smiles for the kids.
Rainbow and family beach portrait
Lucky enough to be here, we got the extra bonus of a rainbow right after a shower at sunrise
Senior girl at the beach
Next year we get to do Cass’s senior portraits, this year it was part of the family beach pictures

What editing does for your portraits!

After a session on the beach we know the job of making your portraits look great has just begun. The fun part, getting to meet your family, playing with the kids, directing traffic,  and helping you look your best out there is behind us and now the second part of our job is starting. We have hours ahead of cropping, correcting color, brightness, and contrast, punching up that reflection, taming highlights, opening shadows on anywhere from 50 or 60 images to sometimes 100 or more if the kids were having a good time and showing themselves off, all before we format the images and post them to your gallery for you to view and enjoy. This is all a part of what you should expect from a professional portrait photographer. We are thankful for the time and investment you made in trusting us for your portraits, and we always hope to repay that by putting our time, effort and skills into editing your family portraits so you look your best. Not every studio does that, some will be happy to grab your images from the camera, burn you a disc and send you on your way. Others will edit and go even further to retouch every image they shoot and of course have to build this into the price you pay for your session. In this entry we will show you the difference between edited and unedited images from some recent sessions. If you like what you see in the “after” portraits, be sure and call us for your next sitting and see what we can do for you!

Local color correction applied,

Naturally beautiful, bringing out her warm skin and hair color along with the water gilds the lily.

After the sun sets, the color cools and desaturates, editing recovers skin tones.

Editing enhanced his color as well as highlighting the rim light that late afternoon sun brings
open shade is very cool and low in contrast and saturation.
On a dreary day, after the little bit of sun has gone, use of fill flash and then editing gave them a warm healthy glow

Some qualities of early, somewhat cloudy light are great, the softness, the open eyes it allows, but not the color so much. Compare this with the unedited version to see how we help the skin tones as well as the sky and background

That late afternoon backlighting is nice, but off color, so in this one the little lady is helped by color and contrast correction.

The light angle gave us soft light to wrap her in, but still a bit cool and blue, so tweaking the color temperature and saturation levels brought her to life

Chris’s crew in Carova

Some of our best shoots come from the 4×4 territory, nice folks looking for a different vacation than down on the pavement, usually open for some fun or creative shots and we’re happy to play. The wind and the light were just right for Chris’s session so we shot until the last light faded.

We usually start with those started the whole thing.
Up in the dunes, we had awesome scenery, unfortunately, Currituck County now says this is a no-no.
The whole gang got together for a few.
Chris and her husband are always smiling
Before we got chased off the dunes we got a few sweet ones.
Kim and her boys
All the grandkids got a fun one going before the toss.
We left the dunes and headed to the waters edge
Chris Dery 11870
As the sun waned we found goodies.
For just a minute the shadows fill the footprints
Timing is everything when the waves are playing
Soft light and gentle waves helped Gage.
Bringing them together for a late shot with soft light
The men in the Dery family caught late light well.
As the sun faded, the moon took it’s place

A Beautiful little wedding

Brit and Blake had an intimate ceremony, family encircled them on the dune in Carova on a soft, warm evening. I was lucky enough to be there and share in their moment.

Brit and Blake Beabout
Brit and Blake Beabout
Brit and Blake Beabout
Brit and Blake Beabout
Brit and Blake Beabout
Brit and Blake Beabout
Brit and Blake Beabout
Brit and Blake Beabout
Brit and Blake Beabout
Brit and Blake Beabout
Brit and Blake Beabout
Brit and Blake Beabout
Brit and Blake Beabout
Brit and Blake Beabout
Brit and Blake Beabout
Brit and Blake Beabout
Brit and Blake Beabout
Brit and Blake Beabout
Brit and Blake Beabout
Brit and Blake Beabout
Brit and Blake Beabout
Brit and Blake Beabout
Brit and Blake Beabout
Brit and Blake Beabout
Brit and Blake Beabout
Brit and Blake Beabout
Brit and Blake Beabout
Brit and Blake Beabout
Brit and Blake Beabout
Brit and Blake Beabout

New addition to the crew!

As much as we hated to see him go, Jared is moving on with his video work and won’t be rejoining us for his third year. We all know great things are going to happen for Jared and can’t wait to see what his stopgolove project does next. He helped add some different ideas and takes on candid small family shoots while he was with us.

I was lucky enough to interview our newest addition, Marijane will be learning our ways and adding her own strengths and styles this summer as our scedule fills out. She is bringing her love of people and portraits to join us as we move into our new location in May, just up the road in Kitty Hawk. Look for our new spot in Ocean Plaza near Great Cakes Bakery and The Romance Store to be complete by June 1st!