Safety & Health at your Shoot


First of all, we're looking forward to seeing all of you for another season of fun making memories on the beach! But, in order to keep the folks on both sides of the camera as safe as possible, we are making a few changes.

Usually we will meet everyone in the house in the living room, do a quick talk, bathroom check, make sure all of the dads are awake and kids don't have food stuck in their hair, stuff like that. Instead we are planning to still meet at the house (if we aren't already meeting at a different location), but when we pull up we'll give you a call or a beep and have everyone meet us outside under the house or around the pool. We definitely don't want anyone down on the beach yet as we'll still have a quick chat and meet everyone, but just not in the house. The shoot itself should be the same, but we may ask you all to do minor adjustments to each other instead of us walking up and doing it.

For our post-shoot talk we like to do with the decision makers of each household we'll do a shorter version around the pool or on a deck, but we don't plan on passing prints around and doing a show and tell like we have in years past. We'll still explain things and hold up prints (and answer any questions you have), but the prints don't care for the repeated disinfectings we'd have to use after passing them around twice a day. 

Once we've answered questions, and it's time to settle up, we'll wipe (sanitize) our hands and credit card machine, and your card, and swipe & finish up. Once we're all done and there aren't any more questions, we'll head out while you guys get to relax and breathe out again.

If anyone isn't feeling 100% please let us know, as well as if anyone has their own health concerns. We have masks we will wear as an added precaution when we are close, whatever you feel would be best to keep everyone happy and healthy. We'll also be disinfecting our cameras, phones, and anything else we may handle before or while we're with you.  The latest cases down here have been within rental homes when families got together and we don't want to play a part in anyone getting sick.


So stay healthy, and pretty, and we'll see you on the beach!