What should we bring with us?

Hair brushes to help tame the fly-aways (good luck!) and a couple cool damp wash clothes to wipe down the kids are always a cool idea (hah!). Maybe a dry cloth to dab the dudes. Cool, clear or amber drinks work wonders on a hot day doing family photos at the beach. Try to leave the toys and snacks behind! Well meaning helpers like to give little Sally a doll or a lollipop and take it away right before a picture. Wow, what a happy face that is now! Imagine a waiter sees you taking a big bite out of your filet, asks you how it is and then snatches it away with a smile. Imagine how you will tip him! And if you leave the other cameras and cell phones stashed until we are through with somebody, the odds they will smile at the right camera go way up!

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