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Custom Prints and Canvas Gallery Wraps


Custom images go way beyond simple edits, they are beautifully enhanced. Our professional digital artists begin with your background setting, bringing out the best tones and colors possible in the skies, water, sand, and foliage of your portraits. Once that is done we move on to background cleanup, maybe remove that pink cabana or the wandering metal detector guy or even take out the clowns and their little car. Now we can concentrate on the most important part, you guys. We'll try to knock down the shine, remove minor blemishes, tame that standup flyaway hair, and even up the skin tones in the group. If you wore glasses in the shot we'll do our best to reduce or remove the glare. If you wore sunglasses we can usually lighten those up and give you your eyes back. You can see some samples of how our artists make your good thing even better a little further down the page. When it's time to place your order just let us know who needs what and we'll see what we can do to make your prints look like your family, only better. Now you just decide whether you want your portrait as a Custom Photo Print or Canvas Gallery Wrap in your choice of rich color or black & white. Also, you can watch a video we've put together showing how we go from the raw file out of the camera to a beautiful finished Custom Image ready to make your beautiful wall portrait.


Look below to see the Custom compared to what the original Standard print looked like before the magic.

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