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Have some questions about our shoots?


Being an intelligent, thinking person (it comes with the opposable thumbs) you've likely got some questions about your Outer Banks beach photography session. Later you'll have some more, and your sister and mother-in-law will too. Hopefully, most of them are covered here, so click on a question to find the answer and some relevant examples about when, where, and what to wear for your family beach photos. After you've enjoyed these, share them with the rest of the family so they'll stop calling you, at least for a little while. And if you still have questions about your beach shoot, or when it's time to book, just give us a call at the studio and we'll be happy to help!


1. How do our sessions work?

2. When should we do our pictures?

3. What should we wear? (with video)

4. Where can we take the portraits?

5. How many pictures will we get?

6. How long will this take?

7. What should we bring with us?

8. How will we see our pictures?

9. How do we order?

10. How do we make an appointment?

11. Some do's and don'ts (only slightly tongue-in-cheek)

12. What do we do about the weather?

13. Who are we?

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