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What do we do about the weather?

Mostly enjoy it! But on the occasion that it's not so much fun there are some options to work with.


Some days it's windy enough to fly a brick on a string. Depending on the direction we can reduce that by changing locations, if we have a strong East or Nor'east breeze we can go soundside at the Whalehead Club or Salvo day use area, or use Currituck or Bodie Island lighthouse for your background. Some large families can set up on the west facing grand entrance type stairs at their rental which can be a nice perspective for their portraits. And sometimes you just laquer the hair down and go for it!


If it's raining and you've got the space and opportunity we can work indoors and still try to pull off an ocean view or gather 'round the fireplace or even shoot on a covered deck if it's big enough. We can try and reschedule you for better days if one of us is going to be scheduled in your area and you can re-form your crew. Sometimes we can check the radar for the next break and wait it out.


In the event of a hurricane, well, at least you have a home somewhere safe to head to while we take pictures of the Weather Channel guys leaning into the pretend wind.


So, in the event of heavy weather, we'll try to work something out, or reschedule for a better day (good reason to book early in the week) if we can. If we can't do anything this time around take that money you would have spent on the sitting and take the family out for pizzas, or a movie, and we'll see your smiling faces next year!

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