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How long will it take?

Well, that depends (don't you hate that?) on how much fun we're having! When we meet your family we'll spend a few minutes talking and getting to know each other so the kids will listen to and humor the new guy for a bit. Then we'll head out, build up to the big family shot, some individual family photos on the beach, run through cousins, buddy shots, cute couples on the beach, any special anniversary or birthday shots, each of the kids, whatever the mood and light gives us. We aren't running off to the next session, you're it for the evening, so if Johnny needs to run behind the dune or Suzie needs to take a break and reset, that's fine. We love doing cool family beach photos, so we can hang. After the kids, or the light starts to fade we'll head back to the house. Seems like no time at all, but usually we're out shooting around 45 minutes to an hour, but really awesome kids make us want to stay and play. We do offer extended sessions for senior portraits that gives us the chance to change outfits and locations and get the unique looks you all are after.


After all of that, we'll meet with the moms to answer all (well, most) of their questions, check contact info, tell you where we hid the good restaurants, and fade away ourselves. From the time we meet you guys until we drive away, from an hour and a bit to two if we are all enjoying ourselves.

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