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How do our sessions work?

Here's what to expect during a Shooters photo shoot - First, be ready to relax and have a good time. Shooters doesn't have another gang showing up in 20 minutes to take your spot and hit repeat. We're gonna spend a few minutes getting to know each other before we jump in (not literally, that comes later) and start shooting. A little talk time breaks the ice with the kids, lets us all know what to expect out there, maybe learn a bit about how to look thin and graceful (or tall and macho) sitting on the beach, and gives the kids reason to smile and hug on the people they love. Soon everybody is laughing and cutting up and everything starts to fall into place. Before you know it the big groups are done, and it's time to play!


So here's how it goes....


For single families - Just you and the kids, we usually start with Mom & Dad, get the wild ones to cheerlead, make faces at you, and get them involved in the process (they love that) before they join in for a few posed shots. Then we'll throw the folks out and let the little stars shine on their own. Now we can loosen the reins, move down to the water, or the lifeguard stand, or someplace we can play together and work on some killer candids before we run out of light, or kids, or your patience...


Now if you brought the Grands, or even the Great Grands along for the fun, we're gonna do it a little different. First we're gonna greet the gang, either at your house or some place pretty - and meet everybody. We'll talk to the kids, get them focused up a little bit, see if we can't find a helper in the crew, make sure we've got any necessary supplies and off we go! After that we check the wind direction (for some reason that's important to the ladies), light angle, and background.

Follow the trail of breadcrumbs (or shoes and sandals) back to the house where we can hose off and we'll quickly go over what comes next, confirm contact info, and answer any questions you may have about the best restaurants, music venues, or fun activities for the kids.  Around a week or so later we'll have your online gallery up for all to see and enjoy.

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