What should we wear?

Clothes preferably. The lighter the color and simpler the pattern the better. Think about a Lands End ad, how you can actually see the people and the background. Now picture a K-mart ad full of plaids and bold colors - can you remember the faces or the setting? Of course not, it’s too busy. So your best choices are white shirts, khaki or light denim pants, and sandals or bare feet (you are at the beach). Pale blues make you look tanner than you earned, but navy blue makes you look like a cave-dweller!


Sometimes families want a little visual separation and have a shirt color for each group, like Mom and Dad are peach, sister’s family in sky blue, your family in light sage, and so-on. Nothing wrong with a family rainbow!


Here's a little sample of some outfits we've seen lately and you can decide what works for you guys. Click on a thumbnail to see it larger or visit our VIDEO PAGE to hear a little bit more on the pros and cons of certain outfits.