Digital Images from your Family Portrait Session


Shooters has a few options for those who wish to own digital files of our images created during your session. Whether you choose to buy copies of your files or not, Shooters will attempt to make the finest quality prints and other products available to you for up to 5 years from your sitting date. 


Low Resolution - Full Session - $200

High Resolution - Full Session - $500*

Ultimate Disc - Full Session - $750*


Low Resolution - Single Image - $10

High Resolution - Single Image - $50

Custom Full Resolution - Single Image - $200**


Additional USB drive - $25 ea.


*Pre-order at the time of your sitting and take at least $150 off the regular price!

**Not available for immediate download, we still need to do the customizing!

Low Resolution Images- All images that were posted online from your session, cropped, edited for brightness and color suitable for web use, digital frames, and printing wallets or 4x6 prints. Not enhanced or manipulated, these are lower resolution versions of the files used for our standard prints. Only $200. 


High Resolution Images- These files receive the same basic edits that our standard prints feature AND have the additional resolution necessary for you to make prints up to 11x14 through your local lab or online print service. Buying a high-res disc means that you and your family can archive and share the memories you make today for generations to come. Only $500 including a full non-commercial copyright release. 


The Ultimate Images- These files receive the same basic edits that our standard prints feature AND are the full  resolution from our professional cameras. These are the same files we've used to make 40" prints. Also included is one Custom image (see Custom Single Image below) PLUS up to two headswaps if anyone blinked or made a silly face in your favorite shot. This is the go-to option for archives, photo albums, and any printing you'd want to do from holiday cards, scrap books, on up to the giant print over the fireplace. Includes all of the pictures from your gallery for $750. 


Custom Single Image - A single full resolution image, edited, enhanced, and retouched to match our "Custom" portraits, which includes minor blemish and shine removal, color enhancement to the sky and water, removal of tents/people in the background (when possible), and evening out of skin tones. You can always order additional retouching like head swaps, inserting missing family members, or bringing you closer to that "ultimate beach body" making yours the first perfect family in history. Call us for a quote. These are the perfect option if you want to print your own large wall portrait to go above the fireplace or sofa. Only $200.  See Custom Image Examples.


A few words about image quality - The files you download or receive on a USB drive will be edited to industry standards for general purposes using calibrated workstations by our professional digital artists. Out there in the real world however, monitors and printers can differ greatly, so, as they say, "your mileage may vary" and we cannot be responsible for  the quality of reproductions from your disc. Given the same file, different labs can produce significantly different prints. So it wouldn't be fair to expect the poor kid at Costco to give you the same quality you saw in our demo prints.