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Retouching Options


Head Swap - Did one of the guys get caught staring at a lifeguard? Did one of the kids stick their tongue out? Good news, you can have a head taken from one picture and have it put in place of another one on the shot! The job is seamless and now everyone in the shot can be smiling and perfect, a perfect illusion for the neighbors and friends back home.


Digital Retouching - Kids fall down playing a few hours before the shoot and get a little road rash? Dad turn into a lobster at the golf course? The infamous Outer Banks winds cause an Alfalfa? We can take care of all of that. All retouching is done as a one time fee in addition to your print order and all of the family’s prints from the Alfalfa picture will be fixed. Since each job can be a little different, we will get an estimate on the work and let you know what it is before we proceed.


Head Swap: $25 per person, per pose

Remove Glasses Glare: $10 per person per pose on a Standard print, included on Custom & Gallery Wrap.

Basic Face Retouching: $10 per person per pose. We'll remove major blemishes, soften age lines, and remove shine on your face. Included on Custom & Gallery Wrap prints.


For any other retouching needs, please call us so we can get an estimate figured up and we'll let you know.


Scroll down to see a few examples from the past year. 

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